Outlander Marketing LLC.

Web design and marketing firm

Outlander Marketing is a Seattle based marketing and web development company. With a unique blend of market experience and skills, Outlander is capable of providing end-to-end marketing services. Specialties include: web development, marketing materials, photography, custom video production, social media, and public relations.

Jonathan acts as Outlander’s CFO and shares an ownership stake in the company, along with Alex and Joel Kaheler. Jonathan provides licensing, accounting, tax, and automation services. Outlander provides all marketing and web development services for Trevlon Consulting.

Sergeant Built LLC.

Woodworking and construction firm

Sergeant Built is a finish woodworking  and construction firm located in Gig Harbor. They focus primarily on deck building, wood trim, and custom carpentry. With a long history of specialty woodworking, Sergeant Built can handle exotic woods and high-end custom woodworking projects.

Jonathan acts as Sergeant’s CFO and handles billing, invoicing, licensing, financial and tax matters.

Empire Strategists LLC.

Business consulting firm

Empire Strategists is a full-service consulting firm located in Bellevue. Empire specializes in agile development, web design, strategic growth, business acquisitions and business analytics.

Jonathan was a founding partner of Empire Strategists and is currently the CFO of the company. He also provides financial and analytic consulting services for Empire’s clients.