Trevlon Services

CFO Package 

Jonathan will personally take the role of CFO for your business and Trevlon Consulting will handle all financial, licensing and tax matters.

Accounting and Financials

Full-service accounting, financial analytics, cashflow management, profit margins, estimate calculations, banking, payment processing, invoicing and payroll.

Licensing and Contracts

LLC formation, business licensing, contractor’s license, insurance, EIN, L&I, DOR, ESD, etc.

Employment contracts, vendor contracts, subcontractors, leases, and client contracts [contract writing and review for equity partnerships only].



Full Payroll

Full service payroll, including forms, paystubs, L&I, withholdings, UI, W-2’s, W-3, 940, 941 and 1099’s. The entire process from timesheet to payments.

Federal and State Taxes

WA sales tax, excise tax, federal partnership filing (1065 and K1), vendor payments (1099), and payroll taxes (W2, W3, 941, EFTPS, state and federal UI, L&I, and paid family).

Marketing Services

Trevlon provides marketing services through their partner startup:   Outlander Marketing